Social events are a part of our daily lives. But catering food for tons of people isn’t easy. If anything, it’s time-consuming and expensive. But don’t worry. There are ways that you can do to lower down your expenses while making sure that all your guests are enjoying the party, no matter what type it is.  

There are four tips below that will help you save time and resources. Of course, the best way to go about it is to hire the best Burnaby catering services. That way, you’ll be guided by a trusted professional about your food choices. Keep the following things in mind when considering your order.  

1. Know the actual guest count. 

One of the factors that have to be considered is the people who will come to your event. You may be surprised by hosts who are ordering food without having an idea as to the number of people who would come to the event. Before calling for an estimate, know the guest count first. Doing so would help you get a better budget. It also eliminates unnecessary and confusing last-minute menu changes. 

2. Decide on the delivery method. 

A lot of people that think there’s only one way to cater and prepare food. A great professional caterer can provide you with up to four ways to deliver your food, such as pick up, drop off, real display, and full service.  

If you choose to pick up your order, then you’re responsible not just for picking it up but also for preparing it at the event. While this is not the most common choice, it is what people prefer for rush orders.  

If you chose to have the food dropped off, then you just have to wait for the food to arrive at the venue. This option is a popular choice for social and corporate events. However, caterers literally deliver your food in containers, such as foil pans and coffee boxes. 

The real display is a choice that can be used for banquets and buffets. Here, the caterer prepares everything else, such as food serving areas and tables. They’ll also provide for the linen, glasses, and tableware, among others. 

The full-service option is the best choice of all. Here, you get to choose how the food gets to the venue. You may also have it professionally cooked and served onsite, which is what many organizers and hosts prefer.  

3. Discover your options. 

You can improve your event. Just ask about the optional upgrades from your caterer. These are the items that can make your event extra special. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be food-related. Some of your options include special furniture, linen, china, waiters, chefs, bartenders, and DJs. 

4. Set a budget.  

Be sure that you know how much you’re willing to spend before ordering. It’s the first thing that hosts might think about, but the last thing they’ll ever figure out. Price is based on most caterers’ dollar per person price model. Therefore, calculating the budget at the start makes it easier for the caterer to give you food choices that suit your guests.